Luxury vinyl tiles have brought flooring to another dimension. They upgrade your floors in terms of aesthetics and they are still durable enough to last for a very long time. Coming out in a huge range of designs and styles, they might look like wood, marble, terracotta or plain tiles but they will be much more resistant and strong. Flooring Pro Los Angeles has many choices for both residential and commercial areas. Although luxury vinyl tile floors are best for bathroom and kitchen application, they can decorate the entire house. They are the perfect solution for offices, hospitals, schools or restaurants and other businesses in California since they are easily maintained.


Luxury Vinyl Plank

We sell high quality luxury Vinyl Plank

As a reputed company in Los Angeles, Flooring Pro only carries high quality products. On top of that, we try to find the best solutions for your floors. We will happily send someone from our team to your property with samples of the whole range of luxury vinyl tiles so that you see which floor will match better to your needs and aesthetics. Rest assured that your expectations will certainly be exceeded in terms of product quality, customer service, prices, options and installation.

Our company carries luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl planks. We have the perfect solutions for those seeking wood or laminate appearance alternatives, want to avoid plain tiles and grout, and search for very durable floors. We mainly install luxury vinyl tiles in kitchens and bathrooms since they are extremely strong and impact resistant. Kitchen accidents often result to broken tiles and problems. You won't have such issues with luxury vinyl tiles. They are constructed in 3 layers so that they can reduce noise, protect the product from wear and have a great décor design.


Experienced Installers for luxury Vinyl Plank

We install luxury vinyl tiles with or without grout, have tremendous experience, amazing equipment and are perfectly trained. What you will like more about Flooring Pro Los Angeles is our great organization and our immediate assistance. We will provide excellent and numerous choices among the best luxury vinyl on the market and our sales representative will tell you all about the properties of these floors and help you take the right decision depending on your personal needs. The excellent combination of providing you with first class products and having the expertise to install luxury vinyl tiles perfectly are exactly what you expect from professionals.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation Process

There are some differentiations among luxury vinyl products. Some imitate tiles and marble and some imitate laminate and wood. They are often installed in a different way but it's equally important for us to check the sub floor of your property. It will make a difference on the installation process whether you have a rough sub floor or not. In spite of our great and long experience in luxury vinyl tile installation, we give attention to details so that you enjoy the new floor for a long time and without problems. Rest assured that we can replace damaged luxury vinyl tiles individually. Besides, this is one of their great advantages. One more of their advantages is that they are softer under foot thanks to the properties of the product but also thanks to our excellent installation process.

    • Step 1 - Preparation of the Existing Floor

    • Our team removes all furniture and cleans the entire area perfectly. The sub floor must be clean but also leveled and so we take notice of any imperfections in terms of high or low spots and fix them accordingly by leveling the high sections and filling with compound the low spots.

    • Step 2 - Fixing the Sub Floor

    • Under normal circumstances and when the sub floor is in good condition there is no need for underlayment when we install luxury vinyl tiles. We will only install vinyl underlayment or plywood if the sub floor is really rough. In the case of luxury vinyl planks though, there is absolute need for underlayment so that the planks will be installed perfectly.

    • Step 3 - Luxury Vinyl Installation

    • We install luxury vinyl tiles with glue. We put resilient adhesive all over the surface where luxury vinyl tiles will be installed but also on tiles and we glue them on the subfloor or underlayment. The installation of luxury vinyl planks resembles the installation of laminate flooring. These products have a tongue and groove system and are installed in a click type way. In this case, we don't use glue.

    • Step 4 - Cleaning of the Job Site


We complete our job by cleaning the whole job site well.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Care

Luxury vinyl tiles are easily cleaned with a dry dust mop. You can vacuum the floor at least once a week and also mop it with a wet sponge mop when dirt builds up. Avoid putting too much soap in the water or the floor will become dull. In a gallon of water usually 2-3 capfuls of an appropriate solution should be enough. You can also use products to shine the floor but be careful when the floor is still wet because it can be slippery.

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