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Laminate floors are an excellent solution for both residential and commercial establishments. Laminate floors are a great alternative to hardwood floors and have become the premiere choice for many home owners and apartment management companies. Affordable prices, realistic hardwood look and high durability are just some of the reasons for its popularity. As a long-time expert in the flooring industry, our company can offer incredible options when it comes to laminate installation. Being connected to the top manufactures helps a great deal and gives our customers an advantage for flooring sales. Flooring Pro guarantees quality material and professional, skilled laminate installation for your professional flooring needs. Wood looking planks have come a long way in this industry.


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The best flooring choice

Laminate is not a second choice. It’s the first choice for your home in Los Angeles and any store, company or office. Laminate floors offer a wide range of colors, design and can be resistant to water, stains and impact. That’s the beauty of laminate flooring! They are great looking and resistant to scratches caused by toys, shoes, furniture or pets!

We are masters in laminate floor installation installation

Flooring Pro will assure you that our installers are experts in laminate installation and have perfected their craft. They don’t take short cuts therefore your floors will be installed properly and will last a long time. We make sure the right preparations are done before we proceed with our work. The right laminate installation process ensures durable floors, which will be easily maintained and resistant to impact, scratches, scuffs and sun fading.


Laminate installation process

Our laminate floors are durable because they are made of high quality materials and are installed the right way. Made of pressed wood, laminate has multiple layers which are fused together in order to have strength and resilient. The bottom parts protect boards from moisture and keep them straight while the final wear layer on the top protects laminate from everyday use or even from sunlight. Flooring Pro chooses to sell the finest laminate floors, but the durability of your floor also depends on our excellent installation process. As knowledgeable installers of all laminate flooring types, we follow protocol in order to ensure perfect installation. We consider climate conditions and similar factors. We use state of the art equipment in order to install laminate planks correctly. Your laminate floor will be installed properly and in accordance to all official requirements. We start our work by preparing your floor with demolition of old floors, scraping and leveling if necessary.

  • Step 1 - Preparation

  • We remove furniture, doors and old floors unless you want laminate installed over the existing floor. In some situations we recommend that the old floors be taken out. We clean the whole area from debris and make sure the entire floor is leveled by filling low sections or gaps with leveling compound

  • Step 2 - Underlayment installation

  • We install underlayment first so that you can step on a floor, which is not hard upon contact. Underlayment absorbs sounds and acts as a cushion and acts as a moisture barrier.

  • Step 3 - Laminate installation

  • Since most laminate floors are designed for tongue and groove installation, we don’t have to use nails or glues. We make sure the laminate planks go around columns and installed properly around cabinets.

  • Step 4 - Installation of Baseboards and transitions

We finish our job by installing baseboards and when necessary transitions to protect the floor from debris and moisture and give a great finishing look.




Laminate and Product Care

Laminate floors are maintained easily! You can sweep them like any other floor and you will find dry dust mopping especially helpful for the removal of dust and debris. This is actually the best cleaning solution in order to keep your floors clean easily on a daily basis. If drinks or water is spill on the floor, it’s preferable if you would wipe it clean with a cloth and don’t let it stain the floor. Moisture is not good for laminates and so it’s smart to clean wet stains fast. For the same reason, mop the floor once every month but make sure the sponge mop is wrung out well so that the laminate won’t get too wet. Allow the floor to dry at once.


How Important to the Customers to See Samples At Home

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